Benicia Herald: A Different Drummer: BHS Journalism Class Warm bodies

By Steve Gibbs

IF YOU’VE BEEN READING THE FRONT PAGE LATELY you know that high school journalism is on the proverbial chopping block for next school year because of low enrollment. After our Annual Elective Fair a few months ago, where classes campaigned for sign-ups for next year, our applicant list totaled seven students. Boing!

What’s with that? Seven signups? We usually have a dozen or more. We redoubled our efforts and got our numbers up to 15. It was still not enough to be pulled off the chopping block.

No one wants to cancel high school journalism. Also, it’s hard — but not impossible — to justify running a class with low enrollment. Schools, like any business, prefer to bring in more revenue than they expend. It’s simple business sense. We would all like to see journalism teeming with enthusiastic students.

via A Different Drummer: Warm bodies.

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