Daily Republic: FSUSD community sounds off over school sports cuts

FAIRFIELD — Like many who spoke Thursday night, parent Antoinette Armas said she felt blindsided by news that all high school sports will be benched next year.

The school board voted on the cut in February, but members of the public said it did not do enough to spread the word to the community.

“You guys put banners out there when you want our vote, put banners out there when you need our help,” said Armas, whose daughter plays sports at Armijo High School. “Tell us how we can help you help our children.”

The board voted Feb. 23 to cut $6.5 million from its budget. The list of cuts includes closing Sullivan Middle School, significant reductions in supply budgets and to adult education and cutting the stipends to athletic coaches and advisers of popular clubs.

via Community sounds off over school sports cuts.

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