Daily Republic Letters: Problems with the letter about Sullivan Middle School

Anastasia Lockwood


I am a 14-year-old eighth-grader who goes to Sullivan Middle School, and frankly, I love this school to death, so I have some problems with Cliff Tillotson’s opinion (“Happy to see Sullivan go,” May 18).

First off, not all of us use profanity. In fact, a good number of us, including me, despise the use of profanity. It is vulgar and very terrible, yet have you ever asked them to stop, nicely? You cannot expect respect without giving it first.

Another thing is the garbage. Yes, some kids throw it around like it’s confetti, but don’t you think you’d be a better person, and citizen, by putting out a trash can? Contribute to the solution, don’t just point out the problem. And the ice cream man parking half a block away from your house is not a problem the school can fix, but one that you can.

via Problems with the letter about Sullivan.

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