Daily Republic: Rolling Hills students devour books, join ‘Million Word Club’

FAIRFIELD — Eleven-year-old Royce Guo devours books at a pace that would make most people’s heads spin.

The Rolling Hills fifth-grader has read 125 books this school year, or 7.6 million words. Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” has approximately 587,287 words.

On Thursday, Guo had seven books stacked on his desk and another in his hands. He is currently reading three of them. Asked if he enjoys a specific genre, Guo chose a diplomatic response.

“I think all books are equally great,” said Guo, who said the only TV he watches is news.

Guo is part of the school’s “Million Word Club,” a schoolwide competition to see how many words the student body can read in one school year. Last year, the school set a goal of 200 million words and read 219 million. This year the school set its sights on 250 million words. As of Thursday, they were at 295 million and eyeing the 300 million mark.

via Rolling Hills students devour books, join ‘Million Word Club’.

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