Daily Republic: Rowdy Rodriguez graduates have a ball at ceremony

CORDELIA — The only thing louder Thursday than the Rodriguez High School Class of 2012 was the wind.

Gusts – so strong that seniors clutched their caps — swept through Ed Hopkins Memorial Stadium, but it’s likely the senior class paid no attention: They were too busy having fun and soaking in the moment.

The Mustang Class of 2012 slapped beach balls into the air, booed when they were taken away, clapped in unison after the A and B last names were called, and did the wave during the C names.

When Jessica May Zweig’s name was called, the seniors went wild, standing up on chairs and raising their hands in the air. Principal Marie Williams had to remind them the ceremony was not quite over. Associated Student Body President Sarah Jayawardene then had the honor of asking the Class of 2012 to join her in moving their tassels to the left.

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