Dixon Patch: DUSD Custodians or Carpet Cleaners?

Recent decisions made within Dixon Unified School District have upset the district’s custodians. They are being asked to clean the carpets within the schools that they work in, a task that the district had apparently been contracting out.

The issue came to light during the public comment section of last night’s board meeting as SEIU co-president and longtime district custodian Carlos Augosto took to the podium to address the issue.

“Even though I have all due respect for them (management) my belief is that they don’t have the experience to run a maintenance department. And they have made certain decisions to upset the custodians,” he said.

Augosto explained: “Last Friday and this past Monday, we went through the training that the CBO discussed (at the beginning of the school board meeting). The custodians were told at that time that we clean carpet, which is increasing the workload. The carpet at my estimate would be about 80,000 square feet. Even though I don’t support subcontractor work, there should be other personnel hired back.”

via Custodians or Carpet Cleaners?.

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