Daily Republic Letters: We’ve got an agreement, support tax measure

Melanie Driver, President, Fairfield-Suisun Unified Teachers Association


It has been gratifying to read the coverage of our just-concluded contract negotiations with Fairfield-Suisun School District in the Daily Republic. We are especially appreciative of the comments by Board Member Perry Polk in recognizing the contributions we and all district employees have made to ensure the FSUSD’s students have not only sports and extracurricular activities, but the materials to learn and the support and assistance they need to succeed in classrooms and outside them.

Special praise should be given to the board members and to Superintendent Cottingim-Dias and her administrative team as well. Throughout this difficult spring they did not seek to grandstand or point blame or to gain any political advantage from the negotiations process. Instead they acted with real patience and leadership as we, as a committed community, hashed through the painful choices the state budget mess presented to us.

via We’ve got an agreement, support tax measure.

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