Daily Republic Letters: Travis students let down again

George Meggers


What rocket scientist came up with this idea to cut eight more days from the school year in the Travis district?

That’s on top of four days shaved off each of the last three years. California students are not rated the best in the world, in fact in the areas of mathematics they’re ranked 25th out of 41 countries and in science they’re ranked 20th. In the U.S., we’re rated “below average,” 34th among our 50 states. Class size will also go up to 39 students at Vanden High. The average class size in the U.S. is 22 to 26 students in inner city and urban high schools. California students used to be some of the best trained in the country. How is our next generation going to compete with the rest of the world? They won’t be able to.

via Travis students let down again.

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