Daily Republic Letters : Solano College – A bitter pill to swallow

Jeff Bristow


The Solano Community College board voted Wednesday to sever ties with the Solano County Theater Association. For those of us actually effected by this move, it came as no surprise. We expected this to happen.

What we didn’t expect is to find out we could have had another year if the board actually cared enough to make it happen. Another year to come up with new plan. Another year of employment for all the individuals that lost their jobs. Another year of quality theater and education for the students.

Before the board voted on item 10(d), we listened to item 10(c), the proposed budget for the next school year. Imagine our surprise when it was reported that more than $600,000 was being kept aside for the campus bookstore, a bookstore that is now being run by Barnes & Noble, at no cost to the college apparently, and was reported to be doing really well. This money is being kept aside “just in case.”

via A bitter pill to swallow.

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