Dixon Patch Opinion: Girimonte Appointed as Acting Principal for Dixon High

Maybe that silly pendulum that swung way out there with the idea that it takes spending thousands of tax payer’s dollars for consultants to find a right fit for man and job, might actually be swinging back the other way. Dixon Unified School District first approves Brian Dolan as our DUSD Superintendent and now we have Nick Girimonte as an Acting Principal for Dixon High School. Imagine that.


Brian was a hands-on principal at Dixon High for several years. The students really liked him but they also respected him. What I liked about him was that he appeared to really enjoy his job. He was fun but good at discipline as well. One of my children had Mr. Tognetti as a Principal, the middle one had Brian, and my last one almost had Nick.


Nick and his brothers went to Dixon High School and their family lived here. Their mother works in the schools and their father, an insurance businessman, set the example to be involved in the community. I’ve always liked the family because they volunteered to cook a spaghetti dinner for the AFS (American Field Service) Club at Dixon High School to help our exchange students have a little extra cash during their stay here.

via Girimonte Appointed as Acting Principal for Dixon High.

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