Daily Republic: New FSUSD school board election rules a major shakeup

FAIRFIELD — Ophelia Harvey says she may be the closest thing Suisun City has had to having one of its own on the Fairfield-Suisun School District board in recent decades. The other is current member Kathy Marianno, who lives on Denverton Road.

Harvey, who was on the board for most of the 1990s and into the early 2000s, never lived in Suisun City but taught at Crystal Middle School.

“I knew a lot of people in the Suisun area and I think I might have been perceived by some of them as being the Suisun representative that wasn’t official. That was as close as Suisun came to having a representative in quite a little while,” said Harvey, now retired.

Her example underscores a divide in Fairfield-Suisun school politics: while more of the population lives east of Interstate 80, most elected officials live west of the freeway. Of the current seven-member board, four live west of the freeway, two live north of Air Base Parkway and Marianno lives east of Suisun City near Highway 12. No one lives in central Fairfield.

via New school board election rules a major shakeup.

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