Vallejo Times-Herald: Solano College head to seek $350 million bond ballot measure

By Robin Miller The Reporter, Vacaville

Solano Community College President Jowel Laguerre has confirmed that he will ask the college board of trustees next week to place a huge bond measure on the November ballot.

While the final amount of the proposed measure will be up to the board, Laguerre said he will be recommending that it be in the range of $348 million to $350 million.

“This is something we have been contemplating for some time,” Laguerre said. Indeed, a year ago the board first put out requests for a bond counsel and campaign consultant for a possible bond measure.

If voters approve, the new bond would pay for expansion of programs and more building improvements at SCC’s three campuses, Laguerre said.

via Solano College head to seek $350 million bond ballot measure.

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