Daily Republic Opinion: FSUSD school bus decision a welcome relief

It’s a perilous trek to and from school. I mean that as much for children and their parents as I do for the men and women we elect, and who they then hire, to run the schools themselves.

For many children, being able to walk to and from school is a rite of passage, a tacit acknowledgement by parents that a child is growing up and can handle additional responsibility. As parents, we try to teach responsibility. We challenge our children when they fall short. Eventually, in incremental steps, we must accept that our children are more and more capable of taking care of themselves.

The goal is for our children to be self-sufficient, to have the knowledge, tools and experience to succeed in life. Call it the circle of life, if you will.

For me, walking to and from school was one of those rites of passage.

via School bus decision a welcome relief.

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