Daily Republic: Boot camp readies children to start year at new FSUSD Public Safety Academy

FAIRFIELD — If Tuesday’s boot camp is anything to go by, the Public Safety Academy will be the first school in a long time in Fairfield where all the children will address staff by sir or ma’am.

A hundred of the approximately 400-student enrollment were put through their paces with marching drills, standing in formation and how they are expected to conduct themselves in class once the school starts its academic year Aug. 15. They were part of the last of four boot camps organized to acclimate students to the school.

The fifth- through eighth-graders who were learning the ropes from a half-dozen drill instructors from the Fairfield Police Department and Fairfield Fire Department did not seem to mind the strict codes of conduct.

“They are not mean. They are strict and it’s not that hard if you are listening to them,” said incoming eighth-grader Alexis Roberts-Bernardi, who said she liked the better school discipline and may consider a military career some day.

via Boot camp readies children to start year at new Public Safety Academy.

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