Daily Republic: Solano College president hopes to see Solano college shine

FAIRFIELD — When he was approached by a headhunter this summer recruiting for a college president, Jowel Laguerre said he was told he was being offered an “ideal” situation at a new school.

Instead of leaving, the president and superintendent said he stayed at Solano Community College to make it the ideal college. That’s the story he told faculty, staff and other guests Friday as part of his State of the College address in the Solano College Theatre.

Laguerre told the group he has seen his share of achievements and shortcomings in his three years here, but said a staff that can work together for a common goal will be able to lead Solano to greatness.

“I believe our college continues to move forward to the ideal college I imagined,” Laguerre said. “I told you I would be committed to the college.”

via President hopes to see Solano college shine.

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