The Reporter: An ending to a beginning spurs memories at Dixon Montessori

By Caitlin O’Halloran

Wednesday was son Jess’ last “first day of school” at Dixon Montessori Charter School (DMCS).

In 2004-2005, co-founder Scott Hill and I embarked on a brave new adventure: We started a parent-run, publicly funded charter school.

Jess and 37 other students were “pioneers” — nicer than calling them guinea pigs — as he started DMCS as a first-grader on the day we opened our doors.

Jess is now in the eighth-grade — DMCS enrolls almost 400 students — and, at the end of this school year, he’ll cruise on to high school without so much as a glance back at his old school.

But for me, it’s different.

via O’Halloran: An ending to a beginning spurs memories.

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