The Reporter: Travis Unified School District delays initiative decisions

By Richard Bammer/

Deferring support for dueling November ballot measures, an update on the 2012-13 budget, and renovation of Scandia Elementary took up the lion’s share of discussion during Tuesday’s Travis Unified School District governing board meeting.

Trustees Gary Craig and Ivery Hood, saying they needed more information about Gov. Jerry Brown’s and Molly Munger’s competing tax initiatives, urged the five-member board to put off supporting one or the other — or both — until the board meets again Sept. 11 in the Travis Education Center in Fairfield.

“We need to clearly communicate to the public” what happens if either one fails, said Craig, adding, “Before we vote, we need to get information out to the voters.”

“I don’t have enough information,” about the tax measures, “but I understand the impact if it (the governor’s initiative) doesn’t pass,” said Hood. “I need more time” to study the propositions.

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