Edutopia: Engaging Students in the STEM Classroom Through “Making”

AnnMarie Thomas Executive Director of the Maker Education Initiative

A few days ago, I visited a math teacher who was busily preparing his classroom for the start of the school year. This classroom, however, was a bit unusual. Casey Shea, who teaches at Analy High School in Sebastopol, California, was transforming an old wood shop into a “makerspace.” With his students’ help, much of the furniture was built from scratch, and the space will soon be filled with students working on projects that might range from solar-powered battery chargers to geodesic domes and a pedal-powered blender.

Casey is one of a growing number of teachers who are incorporating “making” into their teaching methods, and turning their classrooms into makerspaces.

via Engaging Students in the STEM Classroom Through “Making”.

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