Dixon Patch: $1.6 Million Grant Gives Dixon and Davis Schools Opportunity for Reform with STEM Education

School Districts in Dixon and Davis are in the process of collaborating with UC Davis to develop and implement a new, integrated teaching system called STEM.

The two districts are on the receiving end of a $1.6 million grant funded by SD Bechtel Foundation, that allows K-12 teachers and administrators to collaborate curriculum in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) into classroom education.

At a meeting of the Business Education Committee Tuesday, guests speakers Doctor Harold Levine, Dean of UCD, and Arthur Beauchamp, Director UCD I-STAR program, explained the program and how they are leading teachers from Dixon and Davis to research and draft the framework for classroom use, with goals of seeing this program become a state education standard.

via $1.6 Million Grant Gives Our Schools Opportunity for Reform with STEM Education.

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