Dixon Tribune’s Facebook Wall: Tremont included in county’s School Commute Survey

Marilyn Sexton’s eyes lit up with excitement Thursday morning as she watched a family with three children all wearing helmets ride their bicycles and scooters across the intersection of Rehrmann Drive and Pheasant Run on their way to Tremont Elementary School.

Sexton, Tracy Nachand and Nazlin Huerta, all health education specialists with Solano County Health and Social Services, were standing at three different locations around Tremont Elementary with clipboards and pens in hand. They were counting the number of children walking to school, the number riding a bicycle or scooter, and whether or not they were wearing helmets or crossing streets safely.

At Sexton’s intersection, she counted 32 students walking to school, some with their parents, and children and adults all crossed the street safely. She also counted 13 students riding bicycles or scooters to school, and seven wore helmets.

via Tremont included in county’s School Commute Survey

Brianna Boyd

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