Vallejo Times-Herald Editorial: ‘Yes’ on Prop. 30, ‘no’ on Prop. 38: No easy answers

Rarely do ballot measures present as important or challenging a choice as Propositions 30 and 38 on the Nov.6 ballot. Both would levy taxes, and both promise help for public schools, which most Californians realize are crucial to the state’s economy.

In fact, California’s financial stability may be at stake in this election. The wrong tax directing money in the wrong way could speed the state’s decline.

We are reluctant to recommend raising any taxes during this plodding economic recovery. We are particularly hesitant to recommend a “yes” on such a proposition because we know that many of the financial wounds being suffered in California are self-inflicted, largely by elected officials who simply don’t know how to say no to any influential interest group, be they public employees, business, labor unions or environmental groups.

via Updated: October 21, 2012 7:24:07 AM PDT.

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