The Educated Guess: Policymakers react to StudentsFirst’s ‘F’ for California

California is one of 11 states to get an “F” on the report card.

California’s policy efforts to improve student achievement earned an F from StudentsFirst, the Sacramento-based advocacy group led by Michelle Rhee, the former Washington, D.C., schools chancellor. The state ranked 41st in the nation on education policies in three major areas involving teachers, parents and school finance and governance. No state earned an A, and more than two-thirds of states received D’s or F’s on the group’s State Policy Report Card.

“While there is great momentum for reform in a number of states, nearly every state has a long way to go in terms of reforming its policies,” the report states. However, California is “stagnant,” it said.

via Policymakers react to StudentsFirst’s ‘F’ for California – by Susan Frey.

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