Public Policy Institute of CA commentary: Parents Weigh School Funding—and Goals

By Sonja Petek, research associate, Public Policy Institute of California

Governor Brown has proposed changing the way the state’s K–12 public schools are funded by directing additional resources to districts that have more low-income and English Learner (EL) students. PPIC’s April Statewide Survey reveals some important differences among public school parents on this concept, on aspirations for their children’s future, and on priorities for K–12 education.

How do public school parents view Brown’s proposal? PPIC’s April survey found much higher support among Latino, lower-income, and less educated public school parents. These groups are also much more likely to believe that targeted funding would have a significant impact on lower-income and EL students. For instance, Latino public school parents are four times as likely as white public school parents (63% to 15%) to say that the academic achievement of these students would improve “a lot” if they received extra funding.

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