Crisis in education? Look to the U.S. economy – The Reporter: Richard Bammer

By Richard Bammer/

Vacaville Unified parents soon will know results from the 2013 Standard-ized Testing and Reporting (STAR) test. Scores will be made public in the coming days and weeks. By state law, the test results, which many parents use to make decisions about their child’s school or teachers, must be announced by Aug. 15.

Each spring, California students in grades two through 11 must take a series of tests. Grades two through eight tests cover mathematics and English (which includes writing in grades four and seven). Grades nine through 11 take tests in English, mathematics and science. History-social science tests are added for grades nine, 10, and 11, and science is added for grades five and eight. Except for the writing parts, all questions are multiple-choice.

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