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Brianna Boyd, Editor

Dixon Unified’s board of trustees unanimously voted to move forward Thursday with a resolution that moves board elections to even-numbered years, which in turn extends the terms of all current trustees by one year.

Moving school board elections from odd-numbered years to even-numbered years – so it falls during a consolidated election – will not only save the school district money but could increase voter participation, said Superintendent Brian Dolan. Last spring, many school districts in the region approved similar resolutions, Dolan added, including most in Solano County.

“Our board decided not to because there was so little time for any kind of public input or consideration,” Dolan explained. “Last summer, before the filing period began, we looked at this again but county counsel’s interpretation of the law was that it wasn’t possible for the board to act on it at that time because it has to be the sitting board that would have their terms extended that approves this.”

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