Do you want another tax? – Daily Republic

By John Takeuchi

Fairfield-Suisun’s school board heard last month from a consultant on a possible parcel tax. This tax will be used to fund programs that were curtailed when budgets got tight during the past couple of years. It will be paid by property owners within the district’s boundaries.

Step One of the campaign is to see if there’s support for the tax. The school district has hired a company to survey at least 400 households, at a cost of $15,000 to $20,000. The survey is being done by phone. In case you get that phone call, here are things to think about now.

First, look at your current property tax statement. Do you want another $50 to $100 added to what you’re already paying? If you rent, don’t think you’re escaping. Your landlord is going to put his tax increase into your rent.

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