At Benicia High School, a portrait of lives shattered – Benicia Herald

‘Every 15 Minutes’ grabs, keeps teens’ attention with depiction of drunken driving consequences.

Hooded figures and black-clad teenagers pulled back dark shrouds, unveiling the bloody spectacle of a head-on collision in Benicia High School’s upper parking lot Tuesday morning.

Some of the vehicles’ occupants wailed in pain and grief. One girl, wearing a bright red prom dress, lay silent and motionless halfway through the windshield of one of the cars.

The mangled vehicles were flanked by more students in white makeup and black T-shirts, representing youth killed in alcohol-related accidents.

No one died Tuesday at Benicia High — and the goal of the program, known as “Every 15 Minutes,” was to make such an impression on the Benicia and Liberty High students watching that future fatalities may be avoided, too.

via At Benicia High School, a portrait of lives shattered.

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