Education issues filling the news – Ernest Kimme/The Reporter

By Ernest Kimme

I must have schools on the brain — where-ever I look, education is in the news.

Neel Kashkari, one of the Republican challengers for the Governor, just released a 30 page policy statement about improving education. Some of his ideas are good ideas. None of them will pass into law. Should Mr Kashkari get elected — a long shot, as Gov. Brown already has $20 Million in his campaign coffers — these proposals will all be quickly stabbed to death by the Legislature.

He would eliminate much of the state Education Code — not a bad idea, considering it fills more than 10 thick law books. Mr Kashkari would also have most state moneys sent directly to the schools, by-passing the district offices. Charter schools function this way, and there could be some advantages.  Likewise, he proposes lengthening the school day, and merit pay for teachers. All worthy of debate, but DOA in the Legislature.

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