Fixing Detached Schools Via Tech | Edutopia

By Terry Heick

It’s possible that there is no time in the history of education when our systems of educating have been so out of touch with the communities. Growing populations, shifting communities, and increasingly inwardly-focused schools all play a role. In light of the access of modern technology, social media, and new learning models that reconfigure the time and place in which learning happens, it doesn’t have to be that way. Schools can evolve while simultaneously growing closer to the people they serve.


First, for the purpose of this post, let’s think of technology and social media as distinct.

Technology has many forms, but it is most visible in education by way of computing hardware and software. The hardware is pretty obvious — personal computers, Macs, tablets, Chromebooks, smartphones, graphing calculators, and the like.

via Fixing Detached Schools Via Tech | Edutopia.

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