Hazel Wilson mulls over recount challenge in Vallejo election

By John Glidden

A Solano County official confirmed Tuesday that Vallejo City Unified School District Board of Education incumbent Hazel Wilson has requested a recount of the board of education November election results.

John Gardner, assistant registrar of voters, said that he met with Wilson and her campaign team Tuesday about the exact cost the campaign would have to bear regarding a recount.

“The first day of a recount is the most expensive, as it deals with prep work,” Gardner said by phone. “So the first day will cost around $9,000 and each subsequent day is $2,848.”

Gardner said that the Wilson campaign requested a day to mull over whether it wished to continue its request and pay for a recount. He also said that should Wilson prevail in a recount and end up in fourth place, her campaign would then be reimbursed for all the costs incurred for the recount process.

via Hazel Wilson mulls over recount challenge in Vallejo election.

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