What Do Principals, Teachers Want in an NCLB Rewrite? – Education Week

By Alyson Klein

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., asked the edu-world to submit comments on draft legislation for rewriting the No Child Left Behind Act by Feb. 2. And unsurprisingly, the responses had poured in as of Tuesday’s deadline, although not all have been released publicly just yet.

So what do various groups want? Here’s a quick sample:

  • The American Federation of Teachers wants to keep annual assessments in the new version of the law, but only have the tests “count” for accountability purposes in certain grades. They also want parents to have an opt-out option. Plus, the union is really unhappy that the bill would freeze funding for Title I, the main program in the NCLB law for educating disadvantaged kids. And the union has said it wants Alexander to keep language in the original NCLB law outlining paraprofessional qualifications. More from Stephen Sawchuk of Teacher Beat fame.

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