Change to middle school roof project hikes cost – Benicia Herald

by Keri Luiz

Mitchell Stark, Benicia Unified School District bond director, will ask school board trustees on Thursday to consider and approve a final change order for the Benicia Middle School roof project that increases the cost of the project by more than $20,000.

The board awarded the $581,415 contract for the middle school roof project on June 19, 2014 to Go Green Inc. The contract includes a 20-year warranty from the materials manufacturer, Metracrylics, along with a two-year contractor warranty.

Stark wrote in a report to the board that during the course of construction several unforeseen conditions arose that required additional work by the contractors, including installing materials to provide a better slope to the existing roof surface for water flow to the gutter and draining systems, ventilation screens at rebuilt soffits, new metal coping and patching of stucco because of water intrusion.

via Change to middle school roof project hikes cost by more than $20K.

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