Social Media Can Be Your Ally | Edutopia

By Nicholas Provenzano

There are still many questions about the role of social media in the classroom. Some teachers and administrators are concerned about how or if educators should be interacting with students outside of the traditional classroom. I was hesitant when it came to social media and my students, but I learned how certain tools could help expand the learning outside of my classroom. For me, social media is about alternative ways to communicate. There are so many great tools that allow us to connect. Here are some that Ive used as a teacher for connecting with my students when the school day is done.


Remind is a great tool that allows teachers to connect to students through their mobile device. Teachers create a group on Remind that students join with their phone number. The teacher can send text messages to groups of students without anyone having access to anyone elses numbers. Its one-way communication, not a potentially annoying group text message.

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