Travis school board leaders vote to end Spanish Immersion – The Reporter

By Richard Bammer

In a roll-call vote, three of five Travis Unified School District trustees on Tuesday voted to scuttle the Cambridge Elementary Spanish Immersion program, effective at the end of the 2014-15 year, a decision that sparked audible disgust and at least one shout of “Shame on you!” from a parent-supporter of the dual language program.

The decision, marinating among trustees since last summer, was the third of three options the five-member governing board considered, and, while it discontinues the program, the district will provide an unspecified after-school Spanish language and cultural program four days per week, one hour per day, if 25 or more students sign up.

After several parents spoke in favor of retaining the program, especially restarting the discontinued SI kindergarten class at the Cambridge Drive campus in Vacaville, Jim Bryan, the district’s assistant superintendent for educational services, detailed the three options. (At the same time, he noted the program’s declining enrollments over the years, from more than 120 in grades K-6 at its height several years ago to 74 students in grades 1-6 today.

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