Cash advance, grade-reporting update on FSUSD agenda April 9 – The Reporter

By Richard Bammer

A “constitutional advance” of tax revenues and an update on district grade-reporting practices and procedures are on the agenda when Fairfield-Suisun Unified trustees meet next week.

The seven-member governing board will review and possibly approve a resolution to ask the County Board of Supervisors for a cash advance of anticipated tax revenues to meet current expenses.

Such advances are routine among California public school districts. In this case, the amount advanced “shall not exceed 85 percent of direct taxes levied on behalf of the District,” according to detailed agenda documents. The district is required to repay the money before its pays any other obligation.

Marie Williams, director of secondary education, will update trustees about the district’s grade-reporting practices and procedures. She will review the importance of grades as gauges of achievement, for use as credits toward graduation, and for use in computing class rank.

via Cash advance, grade-reporting update on FSUSD agenda April 9.

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