Survey: Schools Should Push Soft Skills Needed for Workforce – Education News

By Kristen DeCarr

A new study conducted by Wainhouse Research shows that education stakeholders believe their schools need to be doing more in order to better prepare students for the workforce.

Over 1,000 administrators, teachers, students and parents were surveyed for the study, The Role of Education in Building Soft Skills, in both the United Kingdom and the United States. While 39% of education stakeholders were found to believe that schools were not doing enough to prepare students for the workforce, “many” of the participants said they “believe that schools are doing a decent job focusing on the 3 R’s: reading, writing and mathematics, but are not doing as good a job focusing on other aspects of education essential to preparing learners for entering the workforce.”

In addition, many of those who participated felt that too much time was spent teaching to the test, and that instead more time should be spent learning to collaborate with other students.

via Survey: Schools Should Push Soft Skills Needed for Workforce.

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