Mentorship, Student Teaching Keys to Teacher Retention – Education News

By Kristin DeCarr

A new report from the American Institute for Research shows that a new teacher preparation program used by both Aspire Public Schools and the San Francisco Unified School District has been found to be better at retaining new teachers.

The report, “A Million New Teachers are Coming: Will they be Ready to Teach?” discovered that 82% of those teachers who went through the training program at Urban Teacher Residency United were still teaching 5 years after they were hired in their current roles. The program operates through a partnership with both San Francisco Unified and Aspire, a charter school organization that has 36 locations throughout California.

According to the report, the two main reasons that teachers who are trained through the program continue to teach include the highly selective requirements to enter the program, as well as the extensive amount of time spent student teaching, reports Nicole Gorman for Education World.

via Mentorship, Student Teaching Keys to Teacher Retention.

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