DUSD trustees to hear report on solar energy use at six campuses – The Reporter

By Richard Bammer

If Dixon Unified leaders like the idea, several district schools will be using solar energy to power their sites, saving taxpayers several million dollars over 20 years.

When trustees meet Thursday, they will hear a proposal about solar energy systems from John Calise, the district’s maintenance and operations manager.

If six campuses begin to use solar panels to generate some or all of their electricity, the district will save $41,000 in the year after the equipment is installed, in 2016, he noted.

Over two decades, the district could, conceivably, save $2.3 million to $4.5 million, if the panels are installed at four schools or groupings of schools, Calise will tell the five-member governing board. They include C.A. Jacobs Intermediate School, the Maine Prairie/Anderson Elementary/old high school campuses grouped near one another on C Street, and Tremont and Gretchen Higgins elementaries.

via DUSD trustees to hear report on solar energy use at six campuses.

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