Programmable Vortex Robot Offers Palm-Sized Coding, Fun – Education News

By Jordan E. Wassell

With an increasing emphasis on STEM curriculum around the world, developers are constantly turning out new methods to help even the youngest children learn coding and programming fundamentals. Thanks to new toys like

Vortex, a programmable robot, kids can learn the basics of programming in a fun, interactive way.Vortex has been revealed via Kickstarter campaign from DFRobot, reports Edgar Alvarez for Engadget. The company has been selling open source hardware since 2008, and now they are looking to raise $50,000 to help fund the new palm-sized robot.

“With Vortex, DFRobot wants to bring back the joy of tinkering to the next generation and boost STEM education among children, even from an early age, DFRobot CEO Ricky Ye said. “For the most part, toy technology has actually not changed much for decades. We’re challenging this with a smart robot that children can enthusiastically play with, while also learning about programming and robotics.”

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