Area school districts cut back on water usage – The Reporter

By Richard Bammer

Water usage and how to conserve water are issues brought into high relief amid California’s fourth straight year of below-average rainfall, and, like any large state institution, public schools are significant users of water, drought or no drought.

Among some 1,000 school districts up and down the Golden State, several Vacaville-area ones are paying heed to Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2014 request for taxpayer-funded agencies to reduce water use by 20 percent.

As a result, landscaping and athletic fields that used to be watered four days per week during the drier months are now only being watered two or three times weekly, depending on the time of year. Thus, some grassy areas are going to be a littler browner than in years past, said Vacaville, Dixon and Fairfield-Suisun unified officials.

via Area school districts cut back on water usage.

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