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By Vicki Davis

You are what you do every day. Simply put, the habits of an excellent educator are that they have positive habits, and students are usually the central focus. When I become intentional about my own habits, I level up my performance. The Power of Habit says that habits power excellence. Taking this to heart, I’ve used apps like 30/30 to build routines until they are automatic.

As you prepare your classroom, plan your routines. Consider:

  • Paperwork
  • Student movement in the classroom
  • Setting appointments with yourself to tackle essential tasks.

Winning teachers seem to do these things like magic. Their magic is in their routine. Here are some helpful habits to consider.

Establishing Winning Workflows

A workflow is as it sounds: how the work flows in your classroom. There are as many ways to set up these routines as there are stars in the sky. A few things that work for me:

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