Federal Government Shutdown on the Horizon? – Education Week

By Lauren Camera

When Congress returns from its five-week summer break Sept. 8, lawmakers will scramble to avert a government shutdown before Oct. 1, when the curtain closes on the current fiscal year.

To do so, theyll have to broker a deal to either continue current spending levels for a certain period of time—something known as a continuing resolution, or CR—or hash out a broader, all-inclusive spending plan called an omnibus. They could also settle on a combination of the two, in which they agree on an all-inclusive spending plan for a limited period of time, a hybrid fiscal fix known inside the Beltway as a “cromnibus.”

Though collectively the House and Senate navigated farther this year through the appropriations process for the 12 federal agencies, including for the U.S. Department of Education, than they have in more than a decade, they are still slated to fall short of completing the spending bills in regular order.

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