Why Do Teens Miss School? – Attendance Works

Why do teenagers miss so much school? And what can we do to get them to come back to class?

Get Schooled, a nonprofit that connects to thousands of students across the country, decided to find out. In late July, the group conducted an e-mail survey of 15,000 students active on the Get Schooled website. More than 1,300 students from 46 states responded, a mix of age groups and racial and ethnic backgrounds. Only a quarter of the students reported missing more than five days in the year.

The reasons they gave for missing school were enlightening:

  1. I wasn’t feeling well: 79%
  2. I had obligations with my family: 40%
  3. I didn’t feel like it: 21%
  4. I didn’t do my homework/study for a test: 17
  5. I didn’t have a ride: 10%

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