New Fall 2015 Readings For Better Creative Leadership – Forbes

By David Slocum

2015 has already been a year of excellent and helpful publications for leaders wanting to improve themselves and their motivation and coordination of creative teams, projects and businesses. Some, like Herminia Ibarra’s already essential Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader and Stanley McChrystal’s powerful call for agility and cohesion, Team of Teams, highlight the importance of action-based leadership. Laszlo Bock’s manifesto for a new way of working, Work Rules!, and Heidi Halvorson’s manual for more authentic interactions, No One Understands You and What To Do About It, among others, focus on the centrality of cultivating talent and enhancing interpersonal communications. Still others argue convincingly for the relevance of behavioral economics, notably Richard H. Thaler’s instructive and spirited overview of the topic, Misbehaving, and Dilip Soman’s guide to applying its insights to create value, The Last Mile. Here is a further batch of valuable titles coming this fall.

via New Fall 2015 Readings For Better Creative Leadership – Forbes.

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