Brandman Us MyPath App Offers Competency-Based Degree – Education News

By Polymnia Hadjipanayiotou

Online app MyPath, offered through Brandman University, a private nonprofit university, is allowing students to earn a competency-based Bachelor in Business Administration degree at a low cost.

MyPath is utilizing competency-based learning to help students only learn what they need to learn rather than follow a prescribed series of courses that may not benefit them. Any professional and personal experiences that contributed to knowledge acquisition are taken into account and help accelerate the course completion process. In other words, the student is not expected to spend any time on concepts already mastered.

As Brandman University says in describing its innovative learning approach, MyPath’s competency-based degrees make it possible to earn a degree in less time and with less money. The University explains what makes its approach different on its official MyPath page:

via Brandman Us MyPath App Offers Competency-Based Degree.

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