Trustees hear detailed update on career tech ed – The Reporter

By Richard Bammer

Decades ago in U.S. high schools, it was called “voc ed,” for vocational education, perhaps best exemplified by auto shop and wood shop classes for boys who were largely disinterested in college and perhaps disinterested in behaving well in traditional classrooms, too, the programs serving sometimes as a catch-all for boys deemed discipline programs, their GPAs hovering at 2.0 and lower.

But in recent years high school voc ed has morphed into “career technical education,” or CTE for short, and it is a lot more complex these days, specifically in its scope, offerings and goals, as explained by Mark Frazier, Vacaville Unified’s chief academic officer.

CTE is a program that mixes traditional academic subjects and knowledge with technical and job-related know-how, giving students a way to succeed in college or in a post-high school career.


Source: Trustees hear detailed update on career tech ed

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