‘Scary Clown’ Rumors Are Serious Business for Schools – Education Week

By Evie Blad

Rumors of scary clowns waiting to harm children are anything but funny business to many school officials who have responded to floods of communication from parents concerned about the issue that has swept the nation in recent weeks.

Schools in more than a dozen states have responded to such rumors over the last two weeks, with some even deciding to close in response.

School leaders say much of the hysteria is fueled by hoax threats spread on social media, and few have reported actual clown sightings.

In some cases, those reporting clown sightings to police or school officials are sincere but mistaken in what they’ve seen. And, in others, mischievious youths have contributed to the hysteria by dressing up themselves.

Source: ‘Scary Clown’ Rumors Are Serious Business for Schools – Rules for Engagement – Education Week

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