Cleek using Fairfield teen volunteers to phone-bank, canvass – The Reporter

By Richard Bammer

The Cleek for Congress campaign for the 3rd Congressional District seat has added 14 field representatives, students from Fairfield High, to lead the phone-banking, canvassing and messaging efforts until Election Day, Nov. 8, it has been announced.

The students, of “various backgrounds,” support an outsider candidate to unseat Rep. John Garamendi, D-Solano, Cleek campaign staffers wrote in a press release.

“The thing about politics and government today is that it’s been turned into a business,” said Rico Daga, a field representative for the campaign. “People climb the political ladder and aspire to the next highest office, but that doesn’t guarantee proper or just governance. Personally, I want someone who isn’t motivated by their own ambition in an ‘industry’ they’ve worked in for decades. I want a fresh face that comes from people like me and my family — Dr. Cleek is certainly the ideal choice for me.”

Source: Cleek using Fairfield teen volunteers to phone-bank, canvass

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