Lower BUSD enrollment projected for next year – Benicia Herald

By Nick Sestanovich

Benicia Unified School District is projected to have lower enrollment next year, according to a report by Chief Business Official Tim Rahill at Thursday’s school board meeting.Rahill said that in the last five to eight years, BUSD has had stable enrollment with the numbers going up or down just a little bit each year. The exception is the 2016-2017 school year, in which all of the schools had 100 fewer students than the previous year. That amount is expected to dip to 90 fewer students next year.

“We basically have larger classes leaving and smaller classes moving up through the ranks,” Rahill said.

Rahill said the district is working one-on-one with all of the principals to make them aware of the information. He also noted that fewer students would result in smaller staffs at each school site.

“It looks like for next year, there will be some adjustments at the secondary level and working with the principals on their staffing and making sure all of the students fit into the classes, but with less students, there’s less of a need for adjusted staffing.”

Source: Lower BUSD enrollment projected for next year

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