On Kairos agenda: Second interim budget, facilities update – The Reporter

By Richard Bammer

Approval of the second interim budget for 2016-17 and updates on facilities and open enrollment are on the agenda when Kairos Public School Vacaville Academy leaders meet tonight in Vacaville.

Anita Schwab, the chief business officer for the independent charter school on Elm Street, will update the board on the budget. The board of directors likely will approve it.

She will stress that the current budget is a “blueprint” for the final one to be adopted before June 30, and that it will be subject to Gov. Jerry Brown’s state budget revision due in May.

In her summary, as indicated by agenda documents, Schwab said the budget reflects, among several things, the revised Local Control Funding Formula funding gap percentages adopted by the state, reduction in the per-pupil rate for one-time mandated money, additional curriculum for a new academy, and increases to tenant improvements.


Source: On Kairos agenda: Second interim budget, facilities update

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